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Organizational Management And Operations

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There are many different components within the criminal justice system. The main component of the criminal justice system would definitely be the jurisdictions. This is defined as separate parts which are the federal, state and local justice systems. All the states within the United States have their own criminal justice system and there are various different organizations in the systems which are at one of these different levels. The organizations all have different parts within their organization such as state and local police, courts of appeal, defense attorney's offices and probation office's.

When it comes to the local police, this can be divided into many different organizations based on the location and the agency. There are metropolitan police officers and departments that provide the same duties that police officers have to offer. Metropolitan police officers do arrest individual's patrol the streets at times, help with investigations, and work with the public in events that could cause large crowds such as parades.

Then it comes to the county police, these officers include sheriffs and they also have specific duties as well. County sheriffs are responsible for tax assessors, executors of criminal and civil processes, as well as law enforcement officers. Rural and other smaller town police officers have other issues that they have to deal with such as the distances that are in their areas as well as the number of officers that they have because of the size of their communities. This is a downfall when it comes to other officers being so far away when they need assistance. With the officers having to deal with issues like this, rural officers have bonded with other counties to assist them when needed.

Organizational Management and Operations 3

State police officers and their officers are available to assist in protecting citizens within the states jurisdiction. These officers have responsibilities such as having the authority statewide to conduct activities ranging from criminal investigations and enforcing traffic laws on state highways. Highway officers have many responsibilities which include patrolling the highways for speed violations as well as respond to any problems that are taking place on highways such as stalled vehicles and accidents.

When it comes to the state level, jurisdiction of the officers that help with safety and protection are granted because these are laws that happen within the state. These crimes include things such as violations, robberies, and any type of breach of contract. When state laws are passed, they are passed by the state legislature and they are signed by the state governor.

There are times when laws are combined together such as state and federal and with any other thing, there many and may not be some form of negative issues and conflict in return.

There are a number of different federal law enforcement agencies within the United States and each one has and plays a different role. The three main law enforcement agencies at federal level are The Department of Justice, The Department of Homeland Security, and The department of Defense. Each organization has their own set of responsibilities and in the Department of Justice their main duty consists of the primary legal and prosecutorial arm of the U.S. government and they are controlled by the U.S. Attorney General which is responsible for enforcing all federal laws. The Department of Homeland Security has primary duties which are to protect the nation against threats to the homeland, and they are responsible



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