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Organizational Change

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Within an organization, there are four main resistances to change. Our text defines these When a shift in power accurse during a change this is called Power and conflict resistance another resistance is two divisions or groups see different paths to the same problems this is differences in functional organization. Next, accurse when an organization has created a process that everyone understands their function and responsibility this is called Mechanistic structure resistance lastly is when" organizations support conservative values and the status quo" (George & Jones p.572 (2005)) organizations often find them selves facing one or more of these resistances when it needs to make a change.

Top-level management seem to see change as an opportunity to strengthen the business and to advance in their career, but for many employees, including middle and, front line managers change is almost never sought after or welcomed, it is disruptive and intrusive. A change might threaten the self-interests of some managers within the organization, potentially diminishing their power or influence. (ESI, 2006) Managers who are affected may fight the change, through a variety of reactions including passive resistance. This resistance can cause a decrease in the effectiveness or even halt the change all together, if the proper change management is not implemented. The following are some change management techniques to get employees to take part in a needed change. Witch in turn may reduce resistance.

Participation is often an effective technique for overcoming resistance to change. Employees, who participate in planning and implementing a change, are better able to understand the reasons for the change. Uncertainty is reduced, and self-interests and social relationships are less threatened. When employees have an opportunity to express their ideas and to understand the perspectives of others, they are more likely to accept the



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