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Operations and Supply Chain Management

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Essay Preview: Operations and Supply Chain Management

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  • McDonald’s vs. Nike vs. Apple CSR attempts
  • Key factors that made McDonald’s successful in CSR
  • Recommendations

        - Priorities & Tradeoffs

        -  Vision & Mission statements

        - Actions

Key Factors that made McDonald’s Successful in CSR

"At McDonald’s, CSR is everybody's business."- Senior Manager for Corporate Social Responsibility at McDonald’s

At McDonald’s, the CSR & Sustainability approach is guided by the Five Pillars of their CSR & Sustainability Framework—Food, Sourcing, Planet, People and Community.

So far, the key factors that have contributed with the organisation’s success in CSR are the following:

1) Franchises and Suppliers are Independent business:

McDonald’s has realized that they cannot prescribe CSR & Sustainability solutions for their franchises and suppliers. Rather, they work in collaboration to raise awareness and provide tools and opportunities to help them on their CSR & Sustainability journeys. They also work with suppliers to mutually set objectives and targets on CSR & Sustainability and monitor their progress.

2) Company-owned employees and restaurants are within their direct sphere of control:

Many of the measures start with McDonald’s restaurants, with a plan to demonstrate success and expand measurement, as more independent Franchises choose to implement CSR & Sustainability initiatives.

3) Along with the vision for each CSR goal, McDonald’s provides an initial, narrower scope for measurement purposes, if needed.

This scope reflects their available baseline data and short-term measurement capabilities, which have committed to continually improve over time.


To properly structure efforts in CSR, it is advised that European Cookies focus on the following priorities:

  1. Source for all food and packaging resources sustainably
  2. Develop and operate the most environmentally efficient factories and stores across Europe that distribute European Cookies
  3. Provide balanced choices to our customers
  4. Remain committed to our employees by creating opportunity and promoting diversity & inclusion
  5. Give back to communities and improve the lives of families

However, some of the tradeoffs to balance while actively  incorporating CSR at European Cookies are:

  1. Prices
  2. Production criteria

To acquaint the public, especially our customers, with European Cookies’ sustainable approach in Cookie production henceforth, the new Vision and Mission statements are below:


“to establish European Cookies as the premier purveyor of excellent cookies in Europe and maintain our sustainable principles while we grow.”


“to inspire and nurture sustainability – one cookie at a time.”



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