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Omni Channel Retailer

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Essay Preview: Omni Channel Retailer

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Courtney Brown

November 25, 2018

Get Out and Do Assignment

  • Do you believe the retailer is providing its target customer with an "integrated and seamless" experience across its channels? Explain your reasoning, providing examples, context and, where helpful, graphics from catalogs, websites, and store materials.

Over the years technology has had a huge influence on the fashion industry causing brands and retailer to change the way they market to customers. Victoria secret has great deal of their businesses around innovating new bras that offer better support or larger cleavage. One such recent innovation is the BioFit. They also have created an iPhone app. The app is free through iTunes and users get insider access to photo shoots and model secrets. With the app users are able to shop from their phones, locate the closet store, scan a barcode, and share favorites with friends. [pic 1][pic 2]


  • Do you believe your selected Retailer is doing a better job at "Omni channel" retailing than its primary competitor?  

        Victoria Secret does a better job at Omni-channeling retailing than its primary competitor. This company has been around for years and constantly changing in order to keep up with its customers. Victoria Secret has fully embraced a technologically integrated approach to retail. (Chan) Victoria Secret has a consistent brand experience online, mobile, and in stores. A member of Victoria Secret’s loyalty program receives personalized email alerts about promotions and special offers, free gifts and birthday presents, and gain access to special events and exclusive discounts.

  • What 3 strategies or tactics might your Retailer employ to improve its Omni channel message?   Be specific and support your rationale.  

        Three tactics that Victoria Secret should employ in order to improve its Omni channel message is strategizing from the customer’s point of view, improve customer service, and mobilize the in-store experience.

        When it comes to strategizing from a customer’s point of view markets must look at themselves as customers in order to connect and understand consumers. Marketers must make sure that the retailers are prioritizing and serving the customers. Because of this retailers are able to meet a consumer need, which builds a longer relationship with the customer. In order to improve an Omni-channel message a retailer must first focus on improving their customer service. Customer service is the face of any retailer, which will creates a customer’s experience. The customer service that a customer experiences should be defined the skill and quality of the support they receive.  Introducing in-store mobile technology gives sales associates access to more information in order to better service the customers. This also gives customers the type of customer service they’re expecting, which would increase the chances of them returning.



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