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Old Oil Rigs Are Havens of Sea Life

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Essay Preview: Old Oil Rigs Are Havens of Sea Life

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              old oil rigs are havens of sea life.

There has an old oil rigs named call eureka oil platform, eureka oil platform has stood for 40 years. It looks like an artifact of the modern industrial landscape. Eureka and other rigs has the richest marine ecosystems on the planet. Old rigs are more productive than coral reefs, more productive than estuaries. Rigs have made them perfect habitats for fish and other sea life.

                 when moral high ground is unclear

apple has facing a big problem with federal government. there has gun shootings that killed 14 people and federal government asked apple to help with investigation unlock an Iphone to gain access to encrypted data. Apple has refused to help FBI, timothy D. cook, apple’s chief executive has spoken about his company based on certain values and he believes apple has values and acts on them can really change the world. It would be immoral to help FBI. Because FBI are trying to access customers privacy. Although there has so many people condemn MR.cook . but he still reject the help FBI, because MR.cook knows it would risk being barred from doing business in china, the second-largest market after the united states.

                The china I am leaving

Even though china has become a major economy country. But in some point china still is a non-free country. it has control by communist party. The leaders fear their own citizens and one that has committed itself to constraining their thoughts and aspirations. That’s why china block internet users, Because the leaders knows what freedom will cost.



                     Survivorman’s quest

 Les Stroud is a star of TV show but he’s

biggest pride in comes from his day as a garbage collector in late 1980s. Stroud’s has seeking red pine on his land and bring back to his portable sawmill to cut into giant timbers for the extension. Stroud and his wife purchased in 2006 what they consider to be an idyllic property. But the 110-year-okd cabin on property was almost ruin their life. in some point that’s what makes Stroud today.


                     Bird sleuth tracks threat to flight

One of the world’s foremost avian sleuths is trying to solve a mystery. They find it is a golden eagles. Golden eagles average at least 8.6 pounds and it is very dangers. It could iear an engine apart or blast a hole through an airline’s fuselage. The most capable of crippling a plane is by birds ß



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