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Ojt and Improve My Working Ethics .

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[1] What have you learned during your OJT that you wouldn't have learned at school? –

Other than the usual office works like filing, encoding and entertaining inquires. The only thing that I learned during my OJT days was the discipline of being an office worker. Because working in the real world requires , physical,mental and emotional perseverance.

[2] How can you apply what you learned during OJT to your future job? –

Applying what I have learned during my OJT days to my future job is pretty easy, I just need to maintain the discipline that I acquired from my OJT and improve my working ethics .

[3] If you could start your OJT again, what would you do differently? –

If I could start my OJT again, I would be more active and hard working in order to further enhance my skills and work ethics.

[4] Why was teamwork important during your OJT? –

During my OJT days, Teamwork was very important, because teamwork played a significant role in accomplishing a technical task that one person would have a hard time to complete. Also, teamwork creates a synergy between myself and my co-workers, and most importantly the relationship and the bond that it develops.

[5] They say that "the customer is always right". During your OJT, did you agree with this statement?

Based on my experience during my OJT, I cannot fully agree with the saying “The customer are always right” simply because the customer/clients sometimes make mistakes, and they are not all the time correct and right. They need to understand and respect the process of the system.



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