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Oj Simson

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Who will ever forgot O.J. Simpson? How will he be remembered?

Will he be remembered for being a hall-of- famer or will he be remembered as a celebrity that was acquitted of murder?

In this paper I will discuss many issues that became prevalent in the criminal trail of O.J. Simpson and the impact these issues had on the verdict. I will discuss the legal, social and political impact this particular trial had on society.

How was the issue of race incorporated into this trial? How important was race in the trial? It was about a black man who was rich. How did race effect how public opinion viewed the trial? How did O.J.'s celebrity influence the trial? Everyone knew who O.J. was in the US he was a star football player who was idolized and this played in his benefit.

Why did the media become so obsessed with this trial and did this obsession help or handicap the outcome of this trial? Was the continuing interest of this trial by the public a result of the media and how it was portrayed. How significant was the portrayal of O.J. in the media to the outcome to the case?

Was there reasonable doubt in correlation with the law? How was the verdict reached?

How has the verdict of this trial changed the development of justice in society. Was there justice for these victims and is the murderer still at large?

I will also discuss how and why I would have decided on the facts of this case if I were a member of the jury.

Oj sinpson better know as juice was not convicted but should have been



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