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Obesity In America;A Growing Problem

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Essay Preview: Obesity In America;A Growing Problem

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A common question asked these days is, "How is America getting so fat?" Well, why is America getting so fat? Why is obesity a widely growing problem? Many obvious attributing factors can contribute to this, but you really must think more into it. Obesity in America is not only from the food we eat, but it's more in depth than that.

America has developed into a fast paced place to live. Between raising children, taking care of your family, and working full time jobs, America has grown into a place where convenience matters. When it comes down to meals, the faster you can get them and eat them the better. There's barely any time to sit down and eat a healthy meal. Drive down any major road in any typical American town and what do you see? About a dozen cheap and greasy burger restaurants. It's hard to spot a healthy place to eat at a good price. With breaks from work being only 30 minutes long, how can you sit down and eat a healthy meal? Look at foreign countries, obesity isn't a problem over there because they consume healthier food, and they sit down and take their time to eat it. Look around when you are driving and it's guaranteed that you will see someone driving down the road eating a hamburger from a local fast food place. Consuming high-fat, high-calorie food fast is unhealthy. It's the new American way of life. With these fast food restaurants offering so many new options, like biggie size, extra toppings (extra cheese, sauce, etc.), and bigger portions how can you blame Americans? Is it people's fault that they are consuming this? With the demand of working full time and all the stresses of every day life, fast food becomes the only logical option. Fast food restaurants should offer more healthier alternatives. They are starting to come out with more healthier options, but it's still not enough. Why is this so hard to accomplish? if you look more into it, you can blame the actual fast food places. Look at McDonalds for an example, they don't make their money off of the apples they now offer, they make their money off their unhealthy



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