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Nuh Dutty up Jamaica

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Name: Darren Wanliss-20171521

Section: A

Topic: Nuh Dutty Up Jamaica

Specific Purpose:

  • To convince the audience that we are the ones destroying the environment and it is imperative that we desist from activities like Deforestation, Use of Harmful Chemicals and Improper Disposal of Waste, as they are major contributors to the deterioration of our environment.

Attention Step:

  • “Nuh Dutty Up Jamaica”, what does this mean? In Jamaica we often hear our parents say “Nuh dutty up mi yaad”, are we listening to our parents? So why do we still use harmful chemicals, cut down major green spaces and not take care of our waste properly?

Transitional Sentence:

  • Now that I have have your attention let us focus on the problems on the table.

Need Step:

  • The way in which these factors affect the environment are great. The ozone layer is being damaged as a result of use in harmful chemicals, animals are losing their homes due to deforestation and more diseases are arising because we do not properly dispose of our waste.

Transitional Sentence:

  • We are aware of the problems at hand, how will we handle these problems?

Satisfaction Step: We need eradicate these problems contributing negatively to our environment.

  • What are the solutions?
  • How effective will the solutions proposed be?
  • How realistic are the solutions?

Transitional Sentence: The solutions proposed are only possibly if we as people fulfil our duty to implement them, but what will these solutions do?

Visualization Step: Considering our solutions to solve the problems at hand what impact will they have in making our environment clean and sustainable?

  • How will each solution benefit us?

Transitional Sentence: We now see the impact of our solutions so let us now take them into consideration.

Action Step:

  • Implement these solutions for a better environment.
  • Join in spreading the word of creating a better environment.

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