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Nuclear War

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Title: Building a peace system on the Korean peninsula.

Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. Let me start by asking you a question: Can you imagine how powerful something of a tangerineЎЇs size could be? The nuclear bomb Einstein dropped in Hiroshima was made out of an experiment model lump of plutonium of this size. One kg of plutonium can create an explosion of 1KT. Pyongyang is known to be in possession of 8kg of Plutonium and claims to have successfully conducted an underground nuclear test on October 9. This raised tensions on the peninsula and neighboring countries. On the long term, this nuclear problem will affect security, politics, and economics with great change. In the center of this turmoil stands our country Korea.

A candidate for US Congress suggested a unique solution to nuclear crisis: give Kim Jong-Il a job at Yale, or tempt him with international amnesty for his crimes and the offer of a professorship at Beijing University. This is just a joke. However, at this specific point, we ask ourselves the question: what position do we have to take about nuclear issue? There are different views on how our government should cope with North KoreaЎЇs nuclear problem. However, it is general agreement that military confrontation should be eliminated. The solution should lie ultimately with allies, improvement of the South-North relationship and internal unification.

I believe that for the moment, our greatest chance lies with restoring our relations with the US. Allies can defeat nuclear threat. The US and South Korean governments should mend their alliance and bolster public support for their larger relationship. Although this will entail a more thorough examination of fundamental questions and problems, US Force claims that only a strong alliance between two countries deters aggression by nuclear-armed North Korea and settles peace on the Korean Peninsula.

However, what US is mainly concerned about is to maintain its role as a superpower and the greatest military leader. It is our job to secure our own future of the Korean peninsula against nuclear threats. A post-resolution plan should also be devised. To script one successfully, we should continue South-North reconciliation cooperation. Talks must switch from Pyongyang's intentions and weapons to the shape of a reunified Korea. Resolution of nuclear problem and peace depend primarily on the efforts of the two Koreas. On our part, there must be economic cooperation, ongoing delivery of humanitarian aid, and attempts of inter-Korean talks. In addition, it is urgent to secure channels toward



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