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Phil 1010, Exercises 5, Answers

Due Saturday, July 21

Overall instructions: Your answers must be typed. If a question asks you to explain or describe something, your explanation/description should be 2-3 sentences long. Do not forget to put your name on your answers. Exercises are due by noon on Saturday. You must e-mail them to me as a Word document.

Part A

The reading discussed Jacinta Beehner's work on the relationship between the amount of testosterone in female baboons and their rank within their group of baboons. Let us look at some data from this article.



Name 2

Mean Fecal Testosterone

(during nonpregnant dry-season periods,

in nanograms/gram) 3

Relative Rank

Cecelia 1.48 0.00

Gari 1.50 0.32

Gigi 1.39 0.20

Goldilox 1.03 0.08

Handle 1.33 0.16

Jersey 1.52 0.72

Kitten 1.75 0.96

Koala 1.44 0.64

Lally 1.74 0.28

Loopy 1.60 0.80

Manx 1.30 0.24

Nicky 1.77 1.00

Pooh 1.61 0.92

Rita 1.72 0.56

Strep 1.43 0.12

Tibs 1.88 0.60

Tigger 1.64 0.36

Tripod 1.72 0.68

Wusha 1.51 0.52

Determine the following for this data set:

1. the mean of the mean fecal testosterone levels reported above.

The mean of the fecal testosterone is 29.06/19=1.549

2. the truncated mean of the mean fecal testosterone levels reported above if your remove Goldilox's value from the data set.

After eliminating Goldilox's value the mean is 28.03/18= 1.557

3. the mode of the mean fecal testosterone levels reported above.

Mode of the values is 1.72

4. the midrange of the mean fecal testosterone levels reported above.

Midrange is 1.88+1.03=2.91/2=1.455

5. the median of the mean fecal testosterone levels reported above.

Median is 1.52

Part B

The following passage is from an article in the Journal of the American Medical Association. It contains two statistical arguments. For each one,

(a) determine the sample, The sample of this passage is 59,557 controls

(b) the target, 8,724 individuals for 1 year

(c) the N, and 10.9 percent in emergencies and 13.6 percent in the control

(d) the relevant property or properties. (All individuals in the target sample have decreased in percentage which means that it is working better than the control)

(e) Evaluate this argument using the true premises and good form tests.

True Premises test: This passes the true premises test because it gives factual information about the evidence being presented. Also it gives percentages that can be supported by accurate data. Also there are very limited biased in this report which do not favor one side over the other.

The Good Form Test: This passes the good form test because



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