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Ntc500 - Telephony

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Running head: Telephony at Huffman Trucking

Telephony at Huffman Trucking


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Telephony at Huffman Trucking

The purpose of this document is to propose a telephony plan for Huffman Trucking. The paper will include the various types of systems. Suggestions will be made for the physical extent of required systems and equipment. The paper will also discuss the services that will be provided through the telephony system.

Telephony Systems

There are several different telephony systems available that could fit the requirements of Huffman Trucking. Telephony is defined as a form of telecommunications that allows voices to travel over distances. The different types of systems include the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), Digital Telephony, IP Telephony and Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP). The PSTN is made up of multiple telephone exchanges that connect phone lines to each other. Digital telephony is a method of delivering phone calls through the use of digital and analog signals. Digital telephony has improved the quality and reduced the costs of voice calls. IP telephony transmits digitized voice data Huffman is currently using a PSTN system and mobile phone systems that incur phone usage and long-distance charges. Huffman could continue to utilize by way of the internet. The VoIP telephony transmits voice through the Internet and packet-switched networks. The calls made using VoIP-to-VoIP systems are sometimes free and can drastically reduce Huffman’s long distance bills. Huffman Trucking is currently using a digital signal PSTN to provide voice services. Suggest that Huffman Trucking use a VoIP to connect to all of its drivers and hubs across the country.

Physical Extent of the System

The suggested VoIP system requires special equipment to make VoIP-to-VoIP calls. Each office needs to be equipped with the specialized VoIP equipment. Each driver can also be provided a VoIP enabled mobile phone or hand-held device. The equipment will allow Huffman Trucking to connect to drivers in any location without incurring additional phone charges. The system also requires an Internet connection



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