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Nrss 4 Star Hotel Case Study

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“The hotel where you can find the joy!”

Table of Contents

1.        Introduction        3

1.1.        Vision        3

1.2.        Mission Statement        3

1.3.        Goals        3

1.4.        Objectives        4

1.5.        The Promoters        6

1.6.        Location        6

Facilities        7

1.7.        Investment (equity/debt)        8

1.8.        Capacity        8

2.        Strategic Plans        10

2.1.        The Organogram (The Strategy Hierarchy) of the Firm        10

2.2.        SWOT analysis        11

2.3.        The proposed Corporate and Business Strategies        12

Human Resources Strategies        13

2.4.        Application of Porter’s Five Forces Model to analyze the firm’s existing and future opportunities and threats        15

3.        Conclusion        17

3.1.        Probability of the firm’s success or failure        17

4.        References        18

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  1. Introduction

NRSS is a 4-star deluxe property with 145 bedrooms located at the central of Kathmandu with walking distance to major embassy, shopping center, touristic hub Thamel. Relax in our modern and spacious bedrooms with all the facilities like high-speed internet, flat-screen T.V. You can unwind at Freecool, our 24-hour coffee shop where we serve multi-cuisine dishes. We are a perfect venue for your private parties, wedding and for hosting meetings.

  1. Vision

Offer a 5 star luxuries service at a revolutionary price every time.

  1. Mission Statement

Our mission is to delight our guest and staff by providing exceptional experience and service.

  1. Goals

10 Year Goal

Become the leading independent 4* star hotel in Nepal

Become a fully sustainable company

Open 2 other hotels in other cities of Nepal

  1. Objectives

  • Common Objectives:
  • To earn profit
  • To offer good ROC (Return on Capital)
  • Strategic Objectives:
  • To be one of the leading hotels in terms of service, infrastructure
  • To ease the fear of ROIs by increasing earnings per share as much as possible
  • Increase company’s own capital to reduce dependency on borrowed capital
  • Enhanced and focused on employee satisfaction

  • Tactical Objectives
  • Growth in market of Thamel area
  • Establishing more luxurious suites to fit accommodation
  • Growth in the sense of extending brand name with range of service offered as travel guide for tours, continuous interaction with customers and implementation of ASS (After Sales Service), in this case, however, After Service Service
  • Relatively to go with technological advancement
  • Operational Objectives
  • Increase in the service quality being active during customer stay
  • Once a while, organizing relaxation for generating more profit
  • Proper management of cash inflows and outflows

How We Win

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Our strategy to win focused on the 4Ms.

  • NRSS – Product and service innovation in our sign brand will lift the portfolio.
  • NRSS Rewards – Growing how we think about the recompense loyalty will create portfolio preference.
  • Mobile-Digital – Leading in mobile-digital technology will empower guests.
  • Millennial Mindset – Our luxury lifestyle portfolio, brand partnership and marketing will drive Next Gen preference.

Scorecard[pic 7]

To be the world's Favorite hotel, we want to lead to these success measures:

  • Associate Engagement – Career satisfaction and firm pride as measured through associate Engagement Survey.
  • Customer Loyalty -  Next Gen preference measured through Brand Tracking, NRSS Rewards, Activation, GSS Stay Behavior and Gust Voice.
  •   Owner Preference – New unit growth relatives to our competitors.
  • Shareholder Value – As measured by stock price.

  1. The Promoters

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Figure 2: Showing the promotors of NRSS

  1. Location

Uttardhoka, Kathmandu, Nepal.  Tel: +977-  014469986. E:, W:



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