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Locarno Treaty means peace for all

At Locarno in Switzerland there was another treaty to be signed. Great Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Poland, and Czechoslovakia were there to uphold this peace treaty. The three countries that backed the treaty up greatly were Germany, Great Britain and France. The main members of the treaty of Locarno are Austin Chamberlain (Great Britain) Aristide Briand (France) and Gustav Stresemann (Germany). Aristide is a successful member of the LoN helping in many cases. It has also been stated that he is a man that understands everything, but knows nothing. He has done many good things for France and is man of the modern world. Austin Chamberlain played an important part in framing the 1925 Locarno pact, an attempt to stabilize the capitalist powers in Europe. Known to enjoy family holidays with Mussolini the leader of Italy, together it states that he and Mussolini will uphold the peace in Europe. Gustav Stresemann is a very well known man in Germany and outside. This man has helped Germany back on its feet he has accepted the fact that Germany was wrong but is a man he doesn't stay in the past. The treaty's central aspect of the treaties was that Germany would not choose combat as a means of resolving differences with France or Belgium. Instead, they would use diplomatic measures in order to sort out their problems. In addition, the other countries would come without delay to the aid of the attacked country should this agreement ever be broken. The treaties would assure that the frontiers between Germany and France and between Germany and Belgium be kept. France's safety was only modestly improved, however, because the other countries in the agreement would only come to its aid if the act committed against it was considered severe. Moreover, the agreement did not restrict the Eastern border. The treaty is important because it brings a conclusion that Germany is accepting these obligations and that is the most important thing at the moment. The treaties



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