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Review Summary of Tears of a Tiger

Andy Jackson and three other friends had just won an important basketball game. They decided to get together and go celebrate their victory. They had started drinking, all except for B.J. who had never drunk in his life. They heard honking, but just laughed because of the alcohol. All of a sudden, a wall is in front of them and before they know it, they hit it. Three of the guys get out, but Robert Washington, Andy's best friend and captain of the Hazlewood Basketball Team is pinned inside of the car. Two guys rush over to help Robert out, but as soon as they get on the hood, they are thrown off after a loud bang. The gas tank explodes with Robert pinned inside and he burns to death. Now, months later, Andy can't stop blaming himself. As he turns away from family, friends, and even his girlfriend, he finds he is losing the most precious thing of all- his ability to face the future. When he tries to go to sleep, Robert comes into his dreams and tells him it is all his fault, but he forgives him for everything. One night Andy starts thinking about suicide and he can't get ahold of his psycologist. Will Andy ever find him or will it be too late?

Lindsey Robbins, Resident Scholar

Detailed summary analysis of author Draper's novel.

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Tone of book? - depressed

Time/era of story - 1980's-1999

Kids growing up/acting up? Yes

Internal struggle/realization? Yes

Is this an adult or child's book? - Adult or Young Adult Book

Coping with loss of loved one(s) Yes

Loss of... - good friends

Battle with a psychiatrist Yes

Age group of kid(s) in story: - high school

Druggie/Wino problems? - alcohol

Brain/Body disability? - mental illness

Main Character

Gender - Male

Profession/status: - student

Age: - a teen

Eccentric/Mental Yes




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