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Notebook Items for U.S. Government

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Essay Preview: Notebook Items for U.S. Government

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U.S. Government


  • Notebook Check #1 will take place on Monday, August 6th
  • Ch.1, Sec.1 Reading/Vocab. Quiz on Friday, August 3rd
  • Current Event #2 is due Friday August 3rd

Week of 8/6-8/10

  • Quiz Ch.1, Sec.3 Reading/Vocab. on Wednesday
  • Current Event due Friday 8/10
  • Ch.1 Review Assignment (p.24-25 #1-18 and #24 in textbook) due Friday 8/10
  • Ch.1 Test Friday 8/10
  • No homework this weekend, no quiz Monday

Week of 8/13

  • Ch.2, Sec.1 Outline and Word Maps will be assigned on Monday 8/13 and will be due on Wednesday 8/15
  • Ch.2, Sec.1 Reading/Vocab. Quiz will be on Wednesday 8/15
  • Picture Day is Friday 8/17 for Periods 4, 5, and 6 U.S. Government.  Period 4 is scheduled for 7:35 am, so please don’t be tardy.  Period 5 is scheduled for 9:55 am.  period 6 is scheduled for 1 pm.
  • Ch.2, Sec.2 Outline and Word Maps will be assigned Wednesday 8/15 and will be due Friday 8/17.
  • Ch.2, Sec.2 Reading/Vocab. Quiz will be on Friday 8/17.
  • Current Events are due on Friday 8/17.

Week of 8/20

  • I will be sick Monday at least.  Please complete items assigned on whiteboard with sub.  Place in notebook.
  • Ch.2, Sec.3 items should have been completed already
  • Ch.2, Sec.4 items should be completed in class Monday, due Tuesday
  • Ch.2, Sec.5 items should be completed in class on Wednesday, due Friday
  • Current Event due Friday
  • Ch.2 Review Assignment will be assigned in class on Friday, due Monday.  However, early finishers may begin the assignment.
  • If I am absent, save current events until next week
  • For Friday 8/24, if I am absent…… Please complete the Ch.2 Review Assignment in class and have it ready to be discussed/stamped for Monday.  then begin working on the Ch.3, Sec.1 Outline and Word Maps.

Week of 8/27-8/31

  • Ch.2, Sec.4/5 Quiz scheduled for Wednesday
  • Current Event due Friday
  • Notebook Check #2 on Friday
  • Lecture in class on Wednesday - Foundations of U.S. Democracy. *If you are absent, be sure to get these notes a.s.a.p. from a classmate and the corresponding questions you must answer.

Week of 9/4-9/7

  • Ch.2 Exam on Wednesday
  • Ch.3, Sec.1 Outline & Ch.3, Sec.1 Word Maps are due on Friday.  There will be a Reading/Vocab. Quiz to check for understanding
  • Current event due Friday

Week of 9/10-9/14

  • Ch.3, Sec.2 Reading/Vocab. Quiz on Wednesday
  • Current Events due Friday
  • Ch.3, Sec.3  R/V Quiz on Friday

Week of 9/17-9/21

  • Ch.3 Exam on Wednesday 9/19
  • Current Events Due Friday
  • Unit Exam when we return from break (Wd.10/10).  Will encompass all topics covered so far this year.  Test will be based upon all material assigned in the textbook and all topics covered in class via lectures etc.
  • No current events need to be completed over the break.  Just study study study for your unit exam!  Alos, be sure your notebook is updated completely.  We will have a check soon after the break.
  • Notebook Check Friday 10/12

Week of 10/10-10/12

  • Quiz for Ch.11, Sec.1 Reading/Vocab. on Friday
  • Currents Events Due Friday
  • *****Reminder - Notebooks due Friday*****


Notebook Order

1. Syllabus

2. Current Event Requirements (handout)

3. Understanding P.O.V. (handout)

4. Guide for Reading Newspapers (handout)

5. Outline Format (note taking)

6. Ch.1, Sec.1 Outline

7. Word Map Format (vocab. acquisition)

8. Ch.1, Sec.1 Word Maps

9. Ch.1, Sec.2 Outline

10. Ch.1, Sec.2 Word Maps

11. Worksheet - Basic Concepts of Democracy (Ch.1, Sec.3)



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