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North Vs. South

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North vs. South

The North and South had many differences and very little similarities. They each focused on industry, agriculture, slavery and tariffs. Even though they both strived to manufacture and evolve their land in the revolution, they both had many different views. The North often debated with the South about slavery, which created a lot of their rivalries. This event helped them start on their own to soon develop

their land into a greater industry.

In the North, their industry consisted of the international trade of grain, tobacco, and cotton. The North laso came across the invention of interchangeable parts, which made it cheaper to just buy the parts for your machince instead of an all new machine , it was much more cost effective. They soon began to move production from their homes into factories, creating mass production. They also had more of a rural based country which made it easy to grow their corn and raise their cattle. They also invented the mechanical reaper and the steel plow to slow the demand of slaves. In 1804, the North voluntarilary abolished slavery which there was little demand for anyway, in the North. When the Tariff of 1816 and the Tariff of Abominations were develop

d, it seemed as though both documents supported the North and its opinion.

The South had very little industry, however, they did invent the cotton gin. They had urban based country, but had somewhat larger farms than the North, which allowed them to produce cash crops along with cotton. Unlike the North, The Southern slaves could not sell themselves for a special skilled job due to discrimination. The cotton gin was produced to slow the demand for slavery, but instead it did the opposite and accelerated the expansion of slavery. The South were not in favor of the Tariff of 1816, which in their perspective was dispicable,



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