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Our nomination for partner of the quarter is Tiana Dawson-Bullard. Tiana has only been in our store for a short period of time, but has impacted our partners, customers, and business significantly. The relationships she has built with the partners in our store is the most impressive. She has really taken the time to get to know each partner, and is genuine in her approach to building those working relationships. She continually encourages our partners to reach their full potential, and never fails to recognize their efforts and successes. Every partner in our store has commented to us how glad they are to have her in our store, and how much they enjoy working with her. When it comes to providing legendary customer service in our store, Tiana is definitely a leader. In her short time in our store, she has been successful in getting to know several customers by name and getting to know what is important to them. She has a great way of communicating with our customers that makes them feel welcome and appreciated. Tiana has impacted our business by continually seeking new ways to achieve better results. She is never shy about speaking up, and challenging our store to continually grow. I believe her greatest achievement in impacting our business is the way she is always encouraging our partners to grow. Tiana has several coaching conversations in our store every day. She truly gets it that developing our partners is a priority, and it has the greatest impact on our level of legendary customer service, and in turn our business. Wow, how lucky we are to have Tiana as a part of the Westgate team!!!!!



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