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Nokia Brand Marketing

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Essay Preview: Nokia Brand Marketing

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Has the brand done a great job wit relationship marketing: marketing, experiential marketing to one-to-one marketing?

What did the brand do? Why was it effective?

Could others learn from that?

Nokia has done a really great job with relationship to marketing. In order to explain this, we will explain the general strategy that this Brand uses for its products, then the activities they have taken along with some specific examples. Later on we will see the results of this marketing, its effectiveness and either success or failure. Finally, we'll comment about the possibility of other companies learning from Nokia.

The Product that the Brand offers has already been mentioned. However, in the marketing part it's important to state that what characterizes Nokia is phones that tend to include all the latest technology and a lot of the consumers favourite aspects (here we have to write the special features that Nokia has). They offer also accessories like carry cases, hands free kits and in-car chargers, which generate Nokia a lot of profit, as they are very high priced.

Phones produced by Nokia are usually sold at high prices (introduction of new phones with the latest technology to the market can be expected at around Ђ280). This price usually decreases after an introductory period, around 2 months later. They try they try to keep their prices a bit lower than those of the closest competitors, but not as low as the smallest competition.

Generally, Nokia phones are sold at all established mobile phone dealerships such as Carphone Warehouse and The Link, although they are also sold at other retailers such as Dixon's and other electrical suppliers.

Nokia's tendency is to promote new technologies and mobile devices they create with one big advertising campaign, focused on a singular technology instead of each individual handset so they can appeal to a lot of different markets with one campaign. As the leader Brand in communications technology, Nokia is able to do big promotion and advertising. They tend to use adverts in men's magazines such as FHM and Loaded, television and print adverts in areas where they can attract their chosen market and they also sponsor lots of events that will be viewed or heard by large amounts of people. They have a highly recognisable packaging style and the style of their handsets is similar in every line of production with the company name printed just above the screen and just below the earpiece. They even use their own ring tone (the Nokia Tune) to promote themselves, set as default in every mobile they sell and also in some ads.

A clear example of permission marketing they used is the "Nokia Local Marketing Solution", presented in the 3GSM Conference 2005 in Cannes, considered the premier annual event in the mobile



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