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No one Is on Top: A Woman’s Side Is Beside A Man

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Essay Preview: No one Is on Top: A Woman’s Side Is Beside A Man

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“No One is on Top: A Woman’s Side is Beside a Man”

“The Story of an hour” and “She Unnames Them” are short stories which reveal the unequal treatment of women in literature and in the real world. At the same time, it strengthens the goal towards the achievement of women’s rights on the basis of equality between the sexes.

The depressing part about feminism is that most women are still unaware of the right that they deserve which man enjoys today. For me one essence of being a woman is being a human. Aside from the biological difference that exists between men and women there is no other difference that exists between the sexes. That is why there should be equal opportunities and compensation to both sexes.

A patriarchal society has hindered women to foray in the fields that they want to subsist in. Women throughout the years are not given equal opportunities in terms of education, suffrage, entrepreneurship and etc. Society plays an important role in creating norms and conditions. Effort must be placed on the abolishment of a patriarchal society and their portrayal of women in media, literature and language. If women are given equal rights and opportunities and not be subsumed within the gendered division of labor, then they can reach their highest human potential.

Because of feminist efforts, gender mainstreaming has been brought in the forefront of international agenda; the patriarchal society that has long troubled women's emancipation is slowly being eradicated. Women all over the globe have contributed to different forms of feminism to tackle problems that they find in a patriarchal society (liberal feminism and eco-feminism).

The globe is home to thousands of different humans with different colors and shapes. It is this uniqueness which makes the Earth exciting. I believe that it is only when both men and women embrace each other’s differences and practice cultural understanding and cooperation that international solidarity will be achieved. As social beings and humans of the Earth it is our responsibility to promote equality between the sexes and live a society that is based on love, friendship and compassion. We must not look at our society as something that is composed of a majority or a minority; rather we must look at it as a plurality; a society that we live in as one, as a family. This may sound utopian, but it is a "realistic" utopian in a sense that it is achievable.



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