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No Time for Paly

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        The Children. They should be out in the sun to have fun, not to sweat. They should be in school not in factories. They should be holding toys not tools. They should be spending time to play, not to labor. At their young age, they should be playing not working.

        We all have become children once. We all learned a lot during our childhood. But not all of us had a taste of our youth. Watching documentations like NO TIME FOR PLAY can open the eyes of anyone who had once become a child with a childhood of their own. And I am one of them. The video started and ended with different children sharing the same way of life but way different than mine.  I had a very colorful time when I was young. I got so many friends because I played a lot. I knew different games and tried each and every possible way to have fun. Yes, I got tired, I sweat a great deal and had many wounds and bruises but those all came from playing, absolutely different from the children I saw who all got tired, sweat and wounds not from playing but from working. If we also add up the place they live, the people that surrounds them, the poverty they suffer, and most especially the helpless parents they have, it becomes more pitiful for them to reflect with my own life. It is because the more I see them suffering the more I realize how our God has blessed me with my life. I am not saying that God was unfair to them, because despite the fact that they do perish I still believe that we are all equal in God’s eyes. We may share opposite childhood, but I had the thought that God allowed that to happen to those unfortunate children for us fortunate enough children to appreciate all that we have.

        Now I will never be tired to appreciate the kind of childhood that I had. And now I started to have another dream in my life. I now pursue to become a responsible parent for my own child. With that, I can be able to lessen the children who will not have time to play.




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