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Nike Brand Analysis

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Brand Analysis Assignment


1. What is the positioning strategy of the brand ÐŽV that is, how is it different from other brands in the market? How is it communicated through promotional materials?

Nike is a brand that usually signs top athletes of every sport from across the world to lucrative deals so that the athletes can wear and represent Nike to its fullest. Nike, unlike its competitors, wants to be seen more as a symbol of strength, dedication, hard work, sweat, perseverance and the desire to succeed. Superb athletes and role models have extreme power over teenagers and often influence them into purchasing products not otherwise thought of. Nike has been able to sign numerous top notch athletes while other companies just simply canÐŽ¦t or havenÐŽ¦t been able to. Instead of just selling products like its competitors Nike is selling a feeling; an emotion. Communication about NikeÐŽ¦s variety of products is developed using all methods of promotion including word of mouth. Nike is different in that it communicates its position through promotional material using motivation, connections between the viewer with the person in the ad, inspirational stories (sometimes nonverbal) and very often through a famous spokesperson or endorser.

2. What is the image that the brand attempts to communicate to customers? Is it successful? Why or why not?

NikeÐŽ¦s image is that of power, dedication, hard work, and the desire to succeed. Nike has been able to become a symbol of this simply by the displaying the spokesperson or endorsers doing what they do best. Nike not only always has its athletes wearing all top Nike gear but also has them sweating, working hard, or reflecting on past events. Nikes customers are attracted to the footwear or apparel shown in the ads because they often are made to point out the changes and improvements needed to improve oneÐŽ¦s game. Nike products are being purchased by all types of consumers especially by young people who admire and look up to NikeÐŽ¦s spokespersons. Michael Jordan, NikeÐŽ¦s top athlete endorser, diligently wears and represents the latest Nike products. Jordan himself represents hard work and dedication because of his role and success in the NBA. This alone helps reinforce NikeÐŽ¦s image of dedication. This image that Nike is trying to portray is successful because it truly fits the mission of being an athlete. It takes dedication, hard work, sweat, and perseverance to make it to the top and thatÐŽ¦s exactly what Nike has.

3. Provide specific descriptions of each example you have gathered. How well does each one contribute to the success of the communication program? Does the program seem to be truly integrated across different forms of communication?

„X An example found was a press release on The article mentions that Fortune magazine named Nike one of the 100 best companies to work for. The article communicates Nike as a positive company whoÐŽ¦s works hard has lead to pleased employees who are in agreement with the companyÐŽ¦s mission, structure, and employee treatment. It also helps communicate the changes Nike has taken since it was found guilty of using cheap labor in Indonesia by paying factory workers way below standards. Being on FortuneÐŽ¦s top 100 best companies to work for fades NikeÐŽ¦s image of not caring and becomes less of a spotlight.

„X In 1993 Nike founded a program called the Reuse-A-Shoe program. NikeÐŽ¦s Reuse-A-Shoe program gathers used shoes that have been worn out or defective and makes community serving products with them. The outsoles along with recycled manufacturing material help make baseball and soccer fields, as well as weight room flooring and running tracks. The midsoles are used to make synthetic basketball courts, tennis courts and playground surfacing. The textile and leather uppers are used for padding under hardwood basketball floors. This program sponsored by Nike is a successful communication tool because it reveals its dedication to help communities around the world.

„X In a print ad found, several athletes are shown in action. What is Nike? Action. Nike is a symbol reflecting hard work and the desire to succeed which is accomplished by taking action. Nike uses powerful images of men and women in its ads, usually in a sporting situation, to show where determination can take someone. This ad demonstrates the actions these athletes take to prepare for the great task ahead.

„X Another print ad shows one of the NBAÐŽ¦s most talented basketball players, Kobe Bryant. Just days after Kobe BryantÐŽ¦s Nike contract was signed the media revealed his involvement in a sexual assault case. Any involvement certainly didnÐŽ¦t reflect NikeÐŽ¦s mission or image therefore Nike decided to lay low on KobeÐŽ¦s contract. Now after the case has been settled Nike has begun its ad campaigns with Kobe as its spokesperson. However, his ad has a twist. It is KobeÐŽ¦s profile against a dark background and on the left side it mentions several tasks with accomplishments. Although the ad doesnÐŽ¦t mention KobeÐŽ¦s involvement in the case directly it mentions several events of his life. The ad is about Kobe overcoming the adversity and working hard to get through it, eventually leading to the fact that he will still be on top because of his hard work and determination to get past it. Again, Nike is communicating hard work and perseverance.

„X Lastly is a print ad of NikeÐŽ¦s most recent campaign. Nike has officially moved towards the mini-trend celebrating the full figure



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