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Nightangle & The Rose

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The Nightingale and the Rose is a romantic tale with desire set as the main theme. We know this, from the very first line “She said she would dance with me if I brought her red roses” (p.1) this line illustrates the desire of the student to dance. The author Oscar Wilde’s use of romantic symbolism is found in the form of a red rose. I will be analysing the character, plot, setting and atmosphere/themes of this story and how the story in ways relates to Oscar Wilde’s life.

The author portrays the character of the student as a romantic and passionate one. This is illustrated by the lines “and my love will be of the company. If I bring her a red rose she will dance with me till dawn.”(p.1) and “so I shall sit lonely, and she will pass me by. She will have no heed of me, and my heart will break.”(p.1) These lines show his passion by wanting to get that red rose and wanting to give it to his love so he can dance till dawn it her. It shows his romantic side by saying “my heart will break” if he doesn’t acquire a red rose.

The character of the nightingale is portrayed as a caring and affectionate one. This is illustrated by the lines “what I sing of, he suffersвЂ"what is joy to me, to him is pain”(p.1) this line shows that the nightingale is affectionate towards the students cause. The lines “he is weeping for a red rose”, “give me a red rose”, “and I will sing you my sweetest song.” (p.2) shows that the nightingale cares about the student and tries to assist the boy in acquiring a red rose from various rose-trees, this also shows mother like characteristics in the nightingale.

Wilde symbolises the relationship between the nightingale and the student as hope and the idea of love by saying that the nightingale



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