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'You will find the true answers, Eliezer, only within yourself.' What are the true answers did Elie find.

'Night', a novel by Eliezer Wiesel. In the beginning of the novel Eliezer was only a young boy who was raised in a caring and devoted family. Elie Wiesel developed a deep belief in his god; he studied the Talmud intensively and prayed at the synagogue. During the time of the holocaust not only was Eliezer's family and friends taken away from him but he also lost his faith in god and religion. He lives for three years in the hell of the concentration camps fearing the 'selection' and being separated from his father.

When Elie and his family were taken away from the comfort of their home and taken to the horror and the brutality of the concentration camps. Elie and his father were separated from his other and little sister, not knowing that they were never gong to see them again. Eliezer and his father during their journey through the concentration camps are constantly fighting for survival, proving their strength and fitness for a chance at surviving the time of 'selection' where the weak and sick are killed and sent to the 'crematory'. "Listen to me boy. Don't forget that you're in a concentration camp. Here, every man has to fight for himself and not think of anyone else." Elie is very loyal son and works hard to help his father.

Elie Wiesel soon began to question his faith, wondering why god is doing this to them, letting them be tortured, starved and killed. Though all this is happening he still remains to be loyal to his father, both helping each other to stay strong through the horrible conditions in which they are living, as his father is growing older and becoming sick Elie stuck by his side, looking after him and protecting him when other prisoners were against him, trying to steal his rations.



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