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Night Sheds Light

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Night Sheds Light

Night is a horrifically detailed and informative narrative and personal experience of the holocaust, written by Elie Wiesel. Burning babies, mothers,and the sick, and beating husbands and sons. Who could ever imagine such a brutal reality, except for those that lived it? It is unfathomable. Although these acts may seem barbaric and not at all relevant to what goes on in this day and age, Night is relevant today for a number of reasons. Throughout Elie Wiesel's account of the on goings during the holocaust, the concepts of oppression, religion, finding oneself, and so on hold relevancy toward today's society.

During the holocaust, people were persecuted due to their religious beliefs. They were picked out from a crowd and hauled off to concentration camps where they were treated worse than anything imaginable or comprehendible. Yet, those individuals still held true to their religious beliefs. These values shine through in today's society, maybe not as much in religious beliefs, but in values in general. People don't just back down and let their beliefs be crushed by onlookers. They stand up for what they believe in and take pride in their opinions, although they do not have to worry about being killed for their beliefs.

Gay marriage is a big controversy today. Homosexuals are often discriminated against because of how they feel in preference to a relationship. Often times, they are insulted and cast aside because of their difference in beliefs. There are some instances where hate crimes are preformed against homosexual individuals, yet these people still hold true to themselves and their beliefs.

Currently the war in Iraq is a big issue. Americans are helping citizens of Iraq secure their freedom. Innocent people, like those of Jewish religion during the holocaust, are being murdered because of their beliefs.



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