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Niggers In Ka

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Catch-22 Human Fears

The satirical and sympathetic tones in Catch-22 create bizarre situations and tragedy that describe war without the false glory and honor. It exposes human fears and needs in a time of pressure.

The diction of Catch-22 displaces the irrational ideas that the military upholds regarding death. The "clause of Catch-22" has no consideration for the "rational mind," or "concern for one's own safety." Catch-22 is a logical infallibility that makes one follow in endless circles of nonsense. Anyone sensible is lost in this swamp of incomprehensibility. Sane becomes arguable and life becomes a joke when regarded through a catch-22. There was a "grim secret...over the messy floor," like "garbage," it was the "inevitable end." Death was so often and close and real that it became like a secret between soldiers that if it wasn't told maybe it would never be true. When they were dead they were like garbage, they could be burned, dropped and buried. For everyone in the war, death could be at any time. It was coming but they didn't know when. Death was treated like it was impersonal, almost a joke; a horrible joke that no individual had control over.

In Catch-22 the detail portrays the actions leading Yossarian to become an Atheist. "Shivering uncontrollably," he kept thinking "everyone is trying to kill me."

Physical pain isn't uncommon in war. It can create fear and cause anger toward everything, no matter what the cause. The thought that so many people are coming with guns forward and that they all could potential end his life; this paranoia kept running through the mind of



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