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Newburgh, New York; like a flower seed, it is a city full of potential, just waiting to blossom and flourish, providing it is nurtured properly. However, through the years, people have neglected to cater to the needs of the city. As a result, its value has diminished and its beauty has deteriorated.

While Newburgh may have its flaws, it is hard not to recognize its beautiful scenery, waterfront location, and historical content. Located along the Hudson River in the scenic upstate region of New York, it is hard to fathom that there are any flaws at all. However, due to the negligence of both its residents and politicians, the city has practically fallen to pieces. Regardless of its positive aspects, the negative aspects have gotten so far out of hand, that it is highly doubtful that anybody would willingly seek residence within the city.

The quality of the city began to decline with the many factory closings in the 1950's. With intentions of urban renewal, city politicians bit off more than they could chew, so to speak, and were closing down factories faster than they could restore the old ones. In turn, the city was left poverty stricken, with abandoned buildings and lots always in sight. Poverty remains a major and visible problem, as two out of five parts of the city were considered to be amongst the poorest in the state of New York. Due to its built up and current conditions, considers Newburgh to be a "stressed city," in regards to its abundance of single mothers, abandoned buildings, unemployment rate, the vast number of residents below the poverty line, and its shocking number of adult residents who have not received their high school diploma. As if these characteristics alone were not enough to turn a prospective buyers' cheek the other way, one must also take into consideration the city's crime rate. According to,



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