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New York Blues

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I awoke suddenly to the ringing, it was 5 am and I had only had three hours sleep so far. It was the boss, he wanted to know where I was, once again I had completely forgotten about our early morning meeting, "I will be there shortly Sir, just caught in a bit of traffic" I responded. I knew I shouldn't have gone to the opening of the nearby Krispie Kreme's donut store last night! His voice bellowed from the other end of the phone "Traffic? What Traffic?". This outburst was followed by the gentle tone of disconnection. I had done it now, really put my foot in it, what was I going to do? Maybe he will understand my situation, I mean after all my mother had passed away only 24 hours ago, my life was falling to pieces. Only one week ago I was fighting crime side by side with my partner, Adam, though he had been admitted to hospital due to a shot from a psychiatric patient who was wanted for the murder of 3 children within 3 days. But now the boss was going to have my head served up on a silver platter.

My name is Mark O'Donnell, I am an NYPD detective, and my partner, Adam Biano, and I have worked for the NYPD for the past 8 years now, we each knew our way around New York and knew who to talk to when serial killers were on the loose. Brendan Ascot was the man we had been after; he had recently escaped a psychiatric facility on the outskirts of New York and was a major priority on our list of apprehensions to make, as he had previously been convicted of a Brooklyn massacre. Now he had upped the ante, he was setting the pace and Adam and myself had no idea where to start, I mean where do you start when you're chasing a 35-year-old psycho who has just escaped his psychiatric facility?

Adam seemed to know, " To Central Park" he commanded as we were in pursuit of Ascot, "I know just the man to talk to" he shouted, I replied with a nod and we were on our way. As I swerved around the corner to the main entrance of Central Park Adam spotted his man, he left the car while it was still moving, and shot off into the distance. By the time I had parked the car and removed my self from the vehicle, Adam had already returned, it was sometimes hard for me to keep up with Adam's fast paced franticness as I was a man of many pounds, 242 pounds to be exact. Adam's informant had explained to him that he knew the whereabouts of Ascot, but would not tell unless he could have a hold of Adam's gun, which Adam reluctantly agreed to right before being shot in the upper leg. We raced to the nearest hospital while Adam applied weight to his leg to stem the blood flow, we arrived at the New York Private only minutes later, time enough for Adams leg to be saved, though he would now have to be left on the outer in Ascot's case.

I visited Adam the next day after the operation to remove the bullet from his leg, he was not in the mood to be spoken to as he was bitterly disappointed in himself for handing the informant the gun, the only words he spoke were to give the instructions on where to find Ascot, funnily enough the



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