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New Species Of Sucker-Footed Bat Found

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Released January 9, 2007

Released January 8, 2007

Released January 5, 2007

These articles tell of the discovery, by a biologist, of a new species of a sucker-footed bat in Madagascar. Its name is Myzopoda schliemanni and it is found thriving in the dry western deforested side of the island.

This new find brings hope to the fate of the Myzopoda species as the only known type was called Myzopoda aurita. The aurita species live the humid eastern forests of the island and it was considered to be endangered. They were considered to be endangered because of the loss of the moist tropical forests and the fact that it was considered to be the only one in this rare species. After the discovery of the bat researchers studied all of its characteristics to determine that it was definitely a new find.

The researchers have concluded that due to the physical similarities between the two species that the schliemanni probably evolved from the aurita, most likely after the bat moved across the island from east to west. The newly discovered species is different from the known species based on coloration, external measurements and its cranial characteristics. Both species are spotted where broad-leafed plants, especially the Travelers' Palm, are plentiful.

Madagascar, which is an island off the coast of eastern Africa, continues to be one of the most critically threatened places in the world. It is estimated that only 8 to 10% of the original forest remains. Because of its size and the fact that it is a nation that has one of the highest levels of endemism worldwide (endemism is the condition when a species is found only in one location



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