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New Portable Washing Machine

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New Portable Washing Machine



Faculty Science of Technology

University Science Islam Malaysia


New portable washing machine

Background of problems and purpose

Cuti-cuti Malaysia 2014 has focused on travelling among young adults. However, concerns have been raised against the use of public laundry services. Some of the complaints involve cleanliness and loss of clothes. Young adults now wish that there is a portable washing machine to help them hop from one place to another with ease. We have investigating a method to help this problem on the laundry. In addition, we think not only the problem from washing machine but the services at laundry must be increase. In that case, we investigate the laundry centre commonly use workers that works with heartless. They usually just wash their customer’s clothes with less of detergent and use detergent that low quality. They do that because they want to decrease their cost. They also put clothes over limit of clothes in the washing machine. It causes the washing machines do not wash properly and cleanly. They do this because to save their workers’ energy and numbers of workers. The workers also make their mistakes. Such as not separated their customer’s clothes and it causes of losing clothes. They also work with no spirit and just work follow their hearts. Next, the washing machine itself have their disadvantages. Most of company that take responsibility to make this machine just half-hearted. They usually using low-quality component and spare part. This is because to lowest their cost but they sell to the customer with high-price. This causes the user commonly buy washing machine when broke. They not repair because they know the spare part usually not quality as well. The engine of washing machine nowadays also not function well. Because the capacity of engine not equal to mass of clothes and frequently of use. So after investigates, we make decision to make a new washing machine that completely function. Moreover, we also make the portable washing machine so that the traveler or a busy man can wash their clothes even they are in train or bus. And we also make this machine from high quality of components.  


First of all we do research in each laundry all in Malaysia. We found that laundry at Malaysia careless and services not good. We think we will make portable washing machine small and functional. This portable washing machine comes with the adjustable leveling roller come in handy and weight of it 25 kilograms easier the user move it anywhere. Standing a mere 35 inches tall, 21 inches wide and 22.5 inches deep.  The washing machine also made of stainless steel tub hold up to 1.45 cubic feet of clothes and pulsates to get them clean. The heavy­duty cycle soaks super soiled items for about 20 minutes, prewashes them for 8 minutes, then soaks them again for 5­minutes before completely the rest of the cycle – wash, rinse and spin – proceeds. This also has one water inlet valve that saving it small space and four automatic water level. It works depending on your load size, if the clothes over limit so that this machine will stop. In addition, this machine provide space for user fill the detergent thus user not distributing detergent in this machine by hand.



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