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New England Colonies

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The english established permanent settlements all along the east coast of North America. they previously failed in establishing settlements in until the 1600’s.England have poor finances from cost being in wars and from losing money from making investments.Another reason why england had been unsuccessful in establishing permanent settlements in North America was that there was religious strife within the country. The protestants of England and the Church of England constantly came into disagreement with cause many disagreements within the country. England also was threat of war with the spanish. The british were also to busy trying to colonize the country of Ireland. At the time, colonizing ireland was their main focus, so they didn't really focus on the new world until the colonization was done. England finally established some successful settlement in the new world in 1607. Throughout time the english began the established way more colonuy in the new world. In the new world, it was split off into two main distinct regions.There was the New england colonies and the Chesapeake colonies. The Chesapeake colonies consisted the colonies of Maryland and Virginia. The New England colonies consisted the colonies of New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island.These two regions developed differently , because they each had different styles on how to grow their establishments. The New England Colonies and the Chesapeake colonies grew differently due to different religions ways, different rules and regulations, and different type of people that established the colony. These were the three main reasons that played a major role in the development in these two regions.

The New England colonies and the Chesapeake obviously developed differently while coming up in the New World. One reason why New England colonies were different than the Chesapeake was that, New England colonies were established based on a religious belief or purposes. Document A shows that John Winthrop was going to establish his colony based on his religious beliefs. People who came to the New England colony seeked religious freedom.The Pilgrims came over to the new world and brought over the customs of the Church of England. The believed that the customs of the church should not be changed, so they built their society based on the beliefs or The Church of England. They Pilgrims were located in Plymouth, Massachusetts . The Pilgrims wrote the Mayflower Compact in the New World which became the 1st document of self government. Another group that colonized in this Area were the Puritans. The Puritans were colonist that wanted to reform the Church of England and wanted to put a stop to Roman Catholic practices. They also believed in a family oriented society where the men worked while the women stayed behind and watched the children. Document A is a good example of Puritan views from their leader John Winthrop. Many big wealthy families and their servants moved to this area and followed it practices, shown in Document B.

The Chesapeake also came up differently the New England because of the type of people that lived in each other. As discussed in the paragraph above, mostly religious people moved to the New England colonies. In the chesapeake, people who came to work mostly moved to this area. As shown in Document F, gold seekers and people that had credit to pay the bills were only allowed to travel to



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