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New Dallas Stadium

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Essay Preview: New Dallas Stadium

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Facilities and Venue Design

Texas has always been known for going big. With the new stadium Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys are going to reveal for the 2008 season just proves that point. The stadium is estimated to be more than a billion dollars and will be able to seat more then 100,000 occupants after the expansion option is finished. Jerry Jones hopes to have more then just football in this stadium though. He hopes to convince the Olympic committee and The Super Bowl Committee that this will be the greatest stadium ever assembled.

When fans enter the massive stadium they will be greeted by panorama views of the field as it will sit 50ft. below the street level. The stadium will have a main seating capacity of 80,000 for football games but will be expandable to seat nearly 100,000 fans for large events such as the Super Bowl. There will be 15,000 club seats with special amenities not available for other seats. There will be 200 suites for the high spenders of course. One of the most magnificent features will be the massive video boards suspended 110 ft above the 50 yard line. The four boards will be 180 feet long by 50 feet high. You will be able to see this clearly from any seat in the stadium.

One of the first questions you hear when this facility is brought up is how Jerry Jones plans on paying for his even with his vast wealth. In November of 2004, Arlington voters approved a tax to increase the city sales tax a half a cent, a two percent on hotel occupancy, and a car rental tax increase of five percent. Work began in May of 2006 and Jerry Jones gamble has already paid off. He was recently awarded Super Bowl XLV in 2011.



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