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Network Security

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There are various hacking tools; one of the most popular and powerful is the QuickFire it has been around a long time. It works this way: on your Web interface screen you enter the address you want to attack, and you enter the number of messages you want to send, which can be as high as 32,000. With a click of the mouse, you send 32,000 e-mails off to the targets server. The QuickFire, is a tool that sends 32,000 e-mails to the victim's site from what appears to be the same address. The attack is repeated without rest until the e-mail server is disabled and crashes.

In another to develop a successful countermeasure to stop QuickFire; an individual or organization needs to be proactive instead of being reactive. In information security it is essential for organizations to use a combination of procedures to protect their assets. The first ideal step on countermeasure is to backup any data that cannot afford to lose to at least two separate physical drives. Secondly, run Scandisk and Defragment often. This will keep the hard drive healthy and prevent crashes and or purchase anti-virus software to keep the hard drive healthy. If the organization has a high speed Internet connection they need a firewall program. A firewall program keeps those who want to hijack your computer from gaining access to the computer’s system. You really do not want someone else running your computer. Enforcing policies it important for organization a policy outlines specific requirements or rules that must be met. In the information/network security realm, policies cover specific areas of the organization point of interest. For example, an "Acceptable Use" policy would cover the rules and regulations for appropriate use of the computing facilities.

WinSmurf is a program that destroys the computer’s registry and windows file system so that the computer is not able to function properly. WinSmurf can cause permanent damage to the computer system. Such damages are disabling computer programs. WinSmurf always attempt to disable certain programs, often security or anti-virus programs, by simply ending the running processes. WinSumurf has many symptoms. One of the symptoms is when the system is often or becomes slow which may cause other programs to crash or function unexpectedly. Also another symptom that may occur is when the computer is intermittently shutting down or restarting for no reason, the computer may be infected with a threat with disabling functionality.

Developing a countermeasure for WinSmurf in my workplace would include a combination of measurements. One of the first measure would be keeping Windows up to date, through keeping Windows up dated would be beneficial by also providing critical security updates. Secondly, establish stronger firewall whether it firewalls from hardware or software as long the computer is away from the prying eyes of the internet. Last but not least download recent anti-virus software for scanning e-email and surfing the web.

E-discovery is getting to be an important consideration in many court cases. An email that you may possess may show exculpatory data which means proof that you are not guilty. Therefore it is important to be able to produce email for court cases. Hard drives fail, email is accidentally deleted, and files get corrupted sometimes during power surges, so it becomes important to be able to backup and restore email. How do you do that?

If the individual know the location of the file that contains the e-mail then that e-mail can be dragged and dropped and



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