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Network Marketing Industry

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Essay Preview: Network Marketing Industry

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Become a Referring Travel Agent TODAY!

If you haven't had the time to explore YTB further by checking out the information available at or my YTB provided website, you owe it to yourself to take the time to see the online recorded presentation which fully explains how you can quickly make money with YTB and turn it into a business that you can truly be excited about.

Turn your sound up on your computer and go to The presentation is only 30 minutes long and will show you:

1) Why you should be getting your share of a $7 trillion industry.

2) Why you would never want to go back and travel "retail" again.

3) Why your friends and family would want to book their travel from your travel website.

4) How you will receive 60% of the commission paid on all travel booked on your website.

5) How to benefit from the business expenses in this industry.

6) The most unbelievable easy to understand "copyrighted" compensation plan you have ever seen.

7) How you can be up and running and in business for yourself TONIGHT!

Here's the compensation plan:

What is a YTB Travel Network of Illinois Referring Travel Agent?

A Referring Travel Agent (RTA) is a person who has purchased an On-Line Travel Agency in an agreement with YTB Travel Network and pays the $49.95 monthly fee for the personalized website and its "Back Office". (We will use the term "RTA" from now on). RTA's simply refer people to their website (On-line Travel Agency) to book travel and can earn commissions on travel booked through their personalized site or by direct referral.

What is a YTB Independent Marketing Representative?

A person who has signed an Independent Marketing Representative agreement with is called a Representative. (We will use the term "Rep" from now on).

They can sell On-Line Travel Agencies, enroll RTAs, and sponsor other Reps.

They earn commission on personal On-Line Travel Agency sales.

They can earn overrides on On-Line Travel Agency sales made by Reps on their teams.

They do not receive travel credentials and cannot sell travel.

Building a team of Reps is more easily accomplished if you understand the pre-determined structure provided by YTB. There are 3 total teams as defined below:

The "1st Team"

The "PowerTeam"

The "DreamTeam"

What is Your 1st Team?

Your 1st Team is made up of personally sponsored Reps plus the Reps they sponsor and so on. When you are qualified to override by having 4 active personally enrolled On-Line Travel Agencies (RTAs) (your own On-Line Travel Agency can count as one), you will earn a 50% match of the commissions earned by all personally sponsored 1st Team Reps. Your 1st Team is considered complete when you:

Personally sponsor 3 or more Reps and

Have 6 active RTAs enrolled (On-line Travel Agencies paying $49.95 monthly fee) by you and/or your 1st Team Reps

What is the PowerTeam?

Once your 1st Team is complete, you qualify to start your PowerTeam with additional personally sponsored Reps. Your PowerTeam includes the 1st Team of every Rep in your PowerTeam through infinity.

Example: Mary qualifies to start her PowerTeam and personally sponsors Eric. Eric's personally sponsored 1st Team members are Josh, Sarah, and Amy who personally sponsor at least 3 Reps each (9 total). If those 9 each personally sponsor 3 Reps, there would be 27 additional reps in Mary's PowerTeam. All 40 of these Reps, and ALL additional Reps sponsored into subsequent 1st Teams, are in Mary's PowerTeam (this continues through Infinity).

Remember, the 1st Team of every Rep in your Power Team is not complete until there are 3 or more personally sponsored Reps and a total of 6 active On-Line Travel Agencies (RTAs paying the $49.95 monthly fee) sold by them and their 1st Team Reps. Every sale that is made by any of these 1st Team Reps is considered a PowerTeam sale for you and commissionable to you.

What is the DreamTeam?

When one of your PowerTeam Reps (regardless of depth) starts a PowerTeam, that PowerTeam becomes a 1st Generation DreamTeam to you. When a 1st Generation DreamTeam Rep starts a PowerTeam (regardless of depth), that PowerTeam becomes a 2nd Generation DreamTeam to you. This continues through six (6) generations of PowerTeams and comprises your DreamTeam.

When Are Commissions Paid?

Every new sale (On-line Travel Agency) that is entered into the system by 12 (Midnight) Eastern Time Zone on Thursday will be paid Friday of the following week. This includes $50 Direct Sale Commissions, $50 PowerTeam Commissions, all DreamTeam Commissions, the 50% Match of your personally sponsored Rep's Commissions and the $1000 LeaderShip bonuses. Residual commission is paid on the 20th of the following month.

What Are Direct Sale Commissions?

Reps earn $50 for every personal On-Line Travel Agency sale they make regardless of whether or not they are qualified to override. Once they have qualified to start their PowerTeam, they also receive the $50 PowerTeam Commission (if qualified to override) on all additional personal On-Line Travel Agency sales.

How Do I



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