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International sales & marketing                                                        Mrs Boullart


Market research results

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Matthias Kegels                                                                        2ION07

Aysha Vanneste                                                                        2ION06

Nicholas Sinnesael                                                                        2ION06

Laurens Vansweevelt                                                                2ION06

The country of export: Netherlands

1. Desk research: The Netherlands

1.1 General country information (~desk research RELATED TO THE NETHERLANDS & YOUR SECTOR)


The Netherlands is located in Europe next to Belgium, Germany and the North sea. They have big transport possibilities because they are perfect located. The biggest harbour of Europe is in Rotterdam there they export and import a lot of products. Also they have one of the biggest airports and have train trails and roads too. This is good for Ingrizo because they are specialized in transport and good quality and being in time. Because of all the transport possibilities they can manage to do all this things. So the Netherlands are a good transport opportunity for them.

Economics/ political

Their key trading markets are Belgium, Germany and U.K. They have the 17th largest economy of the world. The Netherlands do global trade so they have a lot of connections with the world. They are also known for opening new business. At young age people already start up their own company. This means Ingrizo has a lot of opportunities because there is a big market with a lot of companies. The Netherlands are also a constitution just like Belgium and have the same principals. They also have an effective government and good law, trade and commerce.  The Netherlands are also financial strong because they have a good system and with that they help the global financial market. For Ingrizo this is a strong market to do business with.


The legal system is fair and transparent so they can deal with every issue. They also have international law firms so they can provide assistance with other European laws. Their tax system is also beneficial for companies how wants to come to the Netherlands. The tax rate for a corporate is 20 percent and if their income is lower than 200000 euro they get 25 percent beneficial. They also have 5 percent off if they are self-developed patented. So if Ingrizo wants to move there is would be beneficial for the company.


These are biggest food trends that are upcoming in Netherlands for 2017. These always change but Ingrizo still improve their food and also look  for new trends and new flavours. This is a good opportunity for the company that there are always new things to discover.

The biggest food trends that are upcoming in Netherlands for 2017:

  • Enjoy your food, don’t count your calories
  • New juices
  • Malaysian food
  • Buns, hun: pork belly
  • Sour food: like pickles
  • Healthy green pancakes
  • Lucuma: natural sweeteners
  • Poké bowl: raw fish
  • Vegetables as main course
  • More green
  • Caffeine free coffee  
  • Banana flour


The Netherlands and Belgium do not variate this much from each other but there is some difference between them.

The big differentiates are power distance, masculinity and uncertainty avoidance.

First dimension power distance in The Netherlands is less than in Belgium. This means there is less distance between the boss and the employees in the Netherlands. The Dutch people are more open and say what they think without the boss would get angry and they just listen.

The second dimension is masculinity is higher in Belgium than in the Netherlands. This means the Belgians are more competitive and want to win and be successful. The Netherlands are more feminine and they are more caring and they enjoy life.  

The third dimension uncertainty avoidance is higher in Belgium. They like security and playing safe while the Dutch people like taking risks because at least they tried and that is better than nothing.  

This means that Ingrizo has to adapt or compromise on these  sections with the Dutch companies.  

They have almost the same way of thinking in their business culture. These are some things you have to do when you are doing business with an Dutch company.

  • Be punctual
  • Don’t do gifts
  • Wear the wright clothes
  • Don’t do bribery and corruption

1.2 Specific sector/product information (~desk research specifically also linking to your sector / product …)

As we take a look at our competitors, we see that big companies are the main threat. These companies are very prominent on the Dutch market and their distribution channels are wide.

We see that the main ingredients are already usurped by the biggest companies. So competing with them, on their home ground, is a risk with a little chance of success.

Our approach is introducing the more specific products that are not prominent on the Dutch market. Where our customers can rely on Ingrizio’s expertise. Our market approach is to contact businesses who are known to handle these products and can distribute them. Also to approach their trends and adapt our products to.

1.3 Export potential:  Analyze the above and make a graphic summary of the external opportunities that could make this a success ànd the possible threats e.g. Competitor analysis, market segmentation, trends, economic climate, … Conclude: What are still the main issues? What information are you still missing and could be collected via field research?

External opportunities/threats



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