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Netflix Versus Hulu - Compare and Contrast Essay

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Essay Preview: Netflix Versus Hulu - Compare and Contrast Essay

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Eric Hebrat

Eng 100


Compare and Contrast Essay.

                                                Netflix versus Hulu

        In today’s technology- driven world there are so many entertainment outlets one can use when it comes to movies and television shows. There are many online streaming services that are available to consumers. However, the two that are most commonly used among subscribers are Netflix and Hulu Plus. Although the two are online streaming sites their content library is quite different. Because while Hulu puts up more quickly, Netflix is commercial free & has more content.

 Netflix offers the widest selection of movies and thousands of older TV shows with a monthly subscription of only $7.99 per month. The $7.99 basic plan includes one screen at a time viewing, unlimited movies and shows, cancel anytime, and the first month is free. The standard $8.99 plan includes HD (high-definition) viewing and up to 2 screens at a time. The premium plan is the best deal if you have a family because it includes all of the above plus viewing on up to 4 screens at a time. Netflix online streaming is completely ad free which is a great feature. The family plan is the best deal if you have teens because you know they are not going to watch the same things.

Hulu Plus subscription only offers two different plans. One plan is $7.99 a month which includes one month free and unlimited streaming of current shows, or $8.99 a month which includes Showtime. They are partnered with several local and cable networks. So, if you are only wanting to catch up on current seasons of a show or watch IFC (Independent Film Company) movies then Hulu Plus would be yours go to streaming. Let’s keep in mind the advertisements. The biggest downsides to Hulu Plus is their dependency on advertising. Although you are paying a monthly subscription fee for their service your shows are interrupted multiple times. These video advertisements will not allow you to skip them and several are repeated continually through the course of a streaming session. Personally, I absolutely hate commercials and these ads can take up to two minutes before your show continues.

Netflix does not interrupt any of your content with advertisements. They have now started to play trailers of their original series, but these are viewed after your show or movie has ended. These series are shows that are not offered by any local or cable network. They are only through Netflix and Hulu Plus has started creating original shows as well. As I mentioned previously, Netflix does not have advertisements, but they have started to play previews of their original series before and after you select a title to play. Keeping with their no advertisement policy, you do have the option to skip them or go back to your streaming queue with no buffering.

DVD’s delivered to your doorstep is another great feature about Netflix that Hulu Plus does not offer. If it is not available on instant view on Netflix it is in their DVD collection. Once you sign up for Netflix you can add a DVD plan if you choose to raise your monthly subscription for only an additional $8. If you choose the convenience of adding the DVD delivery you can set up your account with them and manage your DVD orders online. Netflix will have them in your mailbox within two days for your viewing pleasure. Additionally, there are no late fees. Therefore, if you get busy, and it takes you a week to watch the movie that just came in the mail, no worries just watch it on your time and return it in the prepaid envelope.

If you are wanting to catch up on the episodes of the current season of your show, then Hulu Plus would be the way to go. They offer the last aired episodes usually within the next day. Netflix doesn’t offer the episodes of a season currently on regular programming, because they stream the last season of a show once the next season premiers. Some consumers prefer DVR service through their cable provider in lieu of a subscription to Hulu Plus. They can skip commercials and they can watch their show after it has recorded.



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