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Neolithic Period

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Neolithic period

Neolithic Period or The Early Stone Age, was the stage of cultural evolution and the development of new technology, like the use of stone tools for hunting, cooking, and making clothes. In this period the people made small groups to travel in because it was easier to travel and they had more food to share. Over the years the brain capacity grew which lead to new thoughts, ideas and technology. They become a lot more skilled with hunting, farming, and building. They also started doing cave arts. The Neolithic Period had advanced so much in so little time, that it's amazing!


Early Neolithic farming is limited to a narrow range of crops (both wild and domestic) and the keeping of sheep and goats, but by about 7000 BC it included domestic cows, pigs, permanently or semi-permanently inhabited settlements and the use of pottery. Neolithic peoples were skilled farmers, manufacturing a range of tools necessary for the tending, harvesting and processing of crops, such as sickle blades and grinding stones. When they started to stay in one place, they started to plant crops which gave them much more food.


The start of farming began a great change in people's lives, that eventually, during the Bronze Age, gave rise to towns, and later cities and states. Instead of wandering from place to place seeking food, people increasingly stayed in one place. They started to live in Natural shelters like caves. The change lead to interaction between people and once agriculture began, we have called it the Neolithic revolution.

Neolithic Revolution

They were very skilled manufactures of a range of other types of stone tool and ornaments, including beads, and statuettes. Elaborate tombs for the dead were also built. They figured out ways to



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