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Negative Affect Of Ipods To Society

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Essay Preview: Negative Affect Of Ipods To Society

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This evening I am here to convince you how ipods can effect to the society negatively.

Firstly, I want to explain you why I chose this subject to my persuasive speech. It is kind of a rare and a sad story. Three years ago, I had friend who was studying architecture in Belgium. One day he was walking to the subway to get his school as usual. As I have been told, he was listening some music from his ipod and I know he generally does it really loud. Then he was so into the music that he could not hear the train was coming towards him. He was hit by a train and died in the age of 20.

Let’s start with isolating properties of iPods, hearing loss and the increase in iPod-related theft.

As a result of their transportability feature, iPods make it easier for people to bring their personal areas into the public space. Relations between individuals are slowly decreasing as people turn to their technological devices instead of trying to make a new social contact. Ipods preoccupy you so much that you do not even feel to deal with the uncontrollable factors of everyday life anymore. For example; if someone see you wearing white earphones from a distance away, they will probably think that you do not want talk to anyone. From this sight of view we can easily understand how ipod isolate us from the society.

Another negative effect of ipod is the hearing loss. According to Harvard doctor Brian Fligor, you have only 1 minute of safe listening if you turn the volume full on your ipod. His data suggests that you can listen to your iPod at 50% volume indefinitely, and at 60% volume for over 4 hours.

The last negative effect of ipods is the increasing number of robberies involving attempts to steal an iPod or using an iPod to steal something. The New York Post reported that there was a 41% of arise in ipod muggings towards students in New York City in 2004. On the other hand, the



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