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Big time vs. Mediocore

The majority of highschool juniors are just beginning to think about career options and where they would like to attend college. However, I have been thinking about my options for quite sometime now. My top two college choices are Colorado University and North Dakota State University. My interest

has risen in these schools because I have received letters regarding football and also went on a recriuting visit to NDSU. Even though Colorado University and North Dakota State University are some of the best schools in the Midwest they differ greatly in the campus life, tuition costs, and their prestigious

football programs.

The campus life at Colorado University is ten times crazyier than at Norh Dakota University. A student run television station brings the student body all events of the upcoming week and breaking news. It also

televises big school events. They have one of the most prestigious

football programs in the mid-west. There are tailgating parties every weekend, even when the game is away there are still people out infront of the stadium having a good time and cheering the team to victory. North Dakota State University on the other hand has a student-run newspaper. This brings the same information as the televison station but I just don't want to read it all. They too have a prestigious

football program that has just recently moved to division 1AA football, this is one level lower than Colorado but there is no change in fan base. The tailgating is almost as insane as Colorado but still fun as ever. Its as though everyone knows each other and they are there for the same reason, see NDSU kick there oppenets butt.

The one downside to Colorado University is that it costs so much money to go there, compared to North Dakota State University, which would seem almost dirt-cheap. For an out of state students such as myself I would have to pay $32,112 a year when a resident of the state would only have to pay $14,658. The average financial aid package of $8,563 barely cuts in to that extreme price. The total amount of financial aid $35,182,804 almost brings a smile to my face knowing that so many people are able to get some of their college paid for. The real bargain in the race between these two schools is NDSU because of its more reasonable prices. The out of state prices is still a little high but no where near Colorados at $18,374 a year. Average financial aid drops a little to $5,462 but that's good compared to CU's ratio. The total



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