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Nbk Call Center Operations

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About National Bank of Kuwait

First opened in Kuwait in 1952, the National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) is the first national bank in the Gulf Region. Founded by Khaled Zaid Al-Khaled, NBK is currently the largest financial institution in Kuwait and one of the leading banks in the Middle East. It has branches in New York , London, Paris, Geneva, Beirut, Jordan, Bahrain, Qatar, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Iraq, Jeddah, and Shanghai. With capital resources of over $2.2 billion, it is ranked in the top 300 banks of the world, and 5th among Arab banks.

Basic NBK Operations

There are many operations that go on in the bank. The most basic operation is depositing or withdrawing money. Every day customers of NBK come to the bank to withdraw or deposit. NBK customers can use the state of the art automatic teller machines (ATM) to withdraw and now also deposit money or they can go to the branch and deposit money with the teller . Also, banks issue debit cards and credit cards links to many types of accounts depending on individual customer needs. In addition, NBK can pay your utility and phone bills automatically so there is no need to worry about manually paying bills at the end of the month. In addition, customers can use online internet banking (Watani Online) to transfer money locally and abroad and also pay credit cards, phone bills manually, private school tuitions and many more services. You can also get a load to finance your different needs. Moreover, you can use the Hala Watani service 801801 which is the call center that answers all your needs.

Call Center Department

Hala Watani 801801 service is one of the best in all of the banks in the State of Kuwait. They are very dedicated when it comes to customer satisfaction and never seize to amaze every single time. Once the customer opens an account they automatically get the Hala Watani 801801 service for free. To use the account you need to have your card number (credit card or Knet card ) and you personal PIN number ready. The flowchart on the next page will show exactly the operations flow involved in the Hala Watani 801801 service. The service can be used to enquire about balance, report lost or stolen cards, enquire about new products and services, problem reporting and complaints, making a charitable donation, transfer money between accounts. You need to input specific numbers to get to a desired function in the system. The system if fully automated but u can still talk to an agent for some services that can’t be prerecorded.

Call Center Problems

There are some problems within the call center, one major problem is that sometimes complaints or requests to cancel a lost or stolen card gets ignored lost/forgotten with all the work. Another major issue affecting a lot of customers is the time taken to issue a new or a replacment card. To issue a card it takes 3 business days. In order to get a card you need to visit the branch or call Hala Watani on 801801 and talk to an agent and



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