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Nature Vs Nuture

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Nature refers to all of the genes and hereditary factors which a person inherits from their parents that determine their appearance and personality. Such things a person can inherit range from, eye colour, gender, special talents and certain diseases. Philosophers like Plato suggested that many things are inherited because it occurs naturally regardless of the influence of environment.

In contrast nurture can be defined as the environmental variables that impact a person including their experiences in life can affect their behaviour.

Biological psychology shows the importance of genetics and biological influences whiles Behaviourism, on the other hand, focuses on the impact that the environment can have on person behaviour.

Ethological Attachment theory: this theory of John Bowlby recognizes the bond that develops between a caregiver and the infant. Caregivers and the infants get attached to each other as the child grows. The main concept of this theory shows the behaviour of infants to stay closer to their mother to establish a sense of security and to be fed. The infants biologically tend to stay close to their mother or caregiver, which are natural to them showing their behaviour. As the infants tend to move to their mother or caregiver for protection they showed their behaviour like crying and smiling to get attention. This proved as evidence of nature perspective of the attachment theory ((Christofides et al. 2015).

Early childhood environment theory: This theory is one of the main theories that support the importance of nurture in infant’s attachment. It shows that during the development growth if there exits any disturbance among the parent and the child relationship then in the long term it can cause and effect on the child, such as divorce or death of the parents. This theory is related to attachment theory and is connected to nurture theory as well. The evidence of this is when both parents always end up quarrelling in front of their children, it was observed that it primarily affected the children because of their attachment to both parents (Blute, 2015).

Even though nature affects the attachment process as many characteristics of a person depend on the genes but environment also significantly influence the physical features of an individual. For this reason, this concept refutes the perspective of nature theory while explaining attachment theory (Badcock, 2015)

The nurture theory shows that variables present in the environment can affect an individual through their upbringing and social relationships. The theory can be explained that if a child is trying to get taller in the way of nurture as he or



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