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Native Americans

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Take a look what do you see? Heaven? Birds? Planes? Have you ever thought that possibly there is another world above us? Well the native Americans did. They came up with preposterous myths like these witch are written about in the two stories, "Earth on a turtles back"and "when Grizzlies walked upright".

Your probably thinking to your self where do they come up with these absurd ideas and stories. However im sure if you lived in that time period did with no formsof entertainment and had to sit around looking at trees 24/7 , you would most likely be coming up with some bizarre stories like these two. In both stories creation begins with a woman that is curios and creation is an accident. In both of the stories animals are highly looked at,and constantly helping or causing issues. Personification is also use to describe the animals acting humanly and other things such as the wind"entering". Although these twostories are alike in many ways they have several differences,

The two stories are both how curtiosity caused creation but there are many unique things that twist the stories to make them different, staring with the whole in the "skyland" in the first story the hole is created by a uprooted tree and is already exsisting in the second. The next thing that happens is that the pregnate women falls through the hole and is saved by animals and leads to the animalshelping to create an earth on a turtles back. While in the second story the girl rolls down a hill and mates with a grizzely bear an the grizzley bear is cursed to walk on all 4's.there was no land in the first story and there has already nature and land below the sky world in the 2nd story. The stories both end differently the seeds that the woman happen to get when she fell were planted on the turtles back and that created nature. In the second it ended with the grizzley being cursed.even thouth these



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