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Native American Poetry

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Native American Poetry

Native American written poetry has common qualities. A common recurring theme in their writing is nature. These people view nature as a beautiful thing even at the ugliest level there exists. They appreciate all forms of life and have a great deal of respect towards it as well. Native Americans respect nature because they view it as a spiritual thing. Somehow the animals have a certain innocence which the people cannot reach making the animals a sacred part of their everyday life. Friends reveal themselves as a common topic in this beautiful writing. Ancestors and friends are to teach each other what they know about life. They believe that life is a journey to reach a special place in the world and in the poems is how to reach that place. When on long journeys friends are kept close at heart and mind. However, they believe that they must not envy their friends and to be true to themselves. If the Native Americans live accordingly to their poems then it has been written that they can soar like an eagle and view the earth for what it is. Once you become an eagle you are one with the earth and are have reached a new level of spirituality. The poems shout that the earth can be viewed more widely when you become an eagle so that you understand more. Native American poetry portrays many of their views on life and we as a history class can learn much about how life would have been if we were living back in that distant time.




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