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Nationalism played a key role in American success in the eighteenth century. Sectionalism, however, faltered under the pressure of creating a nation. Some ways that nationalism over rode sectionalism was through a prospering national economy, the passion nationalists felt when they were speaking or writing about America, and the improvements of transportation and trade by the federal government.

The American national economy prospered in many ways over sectionalism. One way that nationalism overrode sectionalism was by the success of the second national bank over the states banks. The second national bank worked well because it had more capital, which meant it had more reliability, and since it was so large it currency dominated over the smaller state banks. With the boom of the economy in the U.S. new ideas for the country to make money came about. One of these ideas was presented by Henry Clay refers to this protective tariff in Document E by saying that the Americans need to tax the goods they send to other countries. By having this protective tariff it would help to further advance the growing economy.

The spirit of American nationalists also was a driving force of the improvements. Whenever, America was spoken about by these citizens you could see their extreme patriotism to the United States. The poet Joseph Rodman Drake shows how much appreciation the citizens have for their new country. Document C by Emma Hart Willard demonstrates this appreciation by say "wise and heroic countryƐ'... Does not every American exult that this country is his own." This shows how each person took America as his own country and thought that everyone should share it equally.

The economic advance of the United States would have never been possible if the trade roots and transportation roots were not improved. These two improvements were tightly intertwined and help each other out greatly. The canals that began to be built helped to transport



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