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National Anthem Importance

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Deja Williams


National Anthem

        We have a great country that we are all lucky to live in and be a part of. Our national anthem is the pride and joy of part of our countries great reputation. From when you are a child schools teach you over and over what the National Anthem is and how the song goes. Ever since I could remember I have known the words to this song and there is no forgetting them. I listened to every sample that was listed and I did not think that any of those were good enough so I found my own.

        The video that I found very amazing was a cop that was on duty in West Virginia that stepped in for a singer caught in traffic. At West Virginia University a basketball game was waiting to take place, but the original singer was stuck in traffic and the game could not wait. Officer Carlton Smith was recognized by an audience member from him being on American Idol. The Officer was nominated to sing in place of the woman and the crowd was brought to tears. Officer Smith did our country justice even while wearing his proud American blue uniform. This performance was more than just music. It showed an officer willing to help out a person he never met for the good of others. This is what America is about, this is something that should be the face of America. We want to be seen as people that do not mind lending a hand or becoming a team at the last second for the greater good. 



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