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Professor Pita Zack Johnston

English 101 October 25, 2005

I woke up, started to look around but could not figure out where I was. Suddenly, a sharp pain shot through my stomach, and then it all came back to me. I was laying in the recovery room after having my appendix removed. The pains got more intense so I squeezed the nurse button to have someone come and help me. The nurse showed up within a matter of seconds and said, "Que?" Puzzled at first, but then I responded by saying, " get me pain relievers quick my stomach is about to peel open." She didn't understand me for some reason and responded again by saying, "que?"

Before I almost slapped her, I then realized another valuable piece of information. I was still in Cancun, Mexico.

My family and I decided to go to Cancun during spring break last year. The idea of taking a vacation where the drinking age is practically nothing, sounded like a good idea. We got there on a Wednesday and by that night I was already out with some people at a club. The vacation got off to a great start and I could not wait to stay for the whole week.

Thursday and Friday were basically the same. You drink all day on the beach, have dinner, drink some more, then go to the club and drink all you can after you get in. Saturday however, is the day that was different. I decided to go deep-sea fishing with a kid that I knew. We caught all kinds of different fish. One guy on my boat hooked an 8 ft swordfish. After a forty-five minute struggle we finally got the mammoth fish into the boat. The leaders of our boat were a bunch of excited little Mexicans and decided that we drink to it. The drinking got out of hand and then we started back towards land. I went back to the hotel holding my stomach due to massive pains in it. My dad thought it was because I drank too much but I knew something was wrong. I went to take a nap and slept from one in the afternoon till about nine o'clock at night. The pains were still very intense, so I went back to bed.

When I woke up the next morning I forgot about the pains and stood up to go to the bathroom. I then collapsed to the floor in the most amount of pain I have ever felt. It felt like a 2 ft round knife was digging into my stomach. My dad woke up and called a doctor and he immediately rushed to the room. The doctor stuck gigantic pain reliever needles into my buttocks to ease my struggle. After that, off I went to the Mexican hospital, if that is what you want to call it.

When I was rushed into the emergency room, which was the size of my bedroom, I started noticing things that puzzled me. The ceiling was falling out, the medicine cabinets were off the hinges, and only one doctor spoke English. After a number of tests, my father and I were told that I need my appendix removed. We asked if we had time to make it back to the U.S. but they said I might not make it. Since this was a life or death situation, my father decided to put my life in Doctor Martinez's hands. Lying on the surgery table,



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