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My feelings about the Mac computer

This essay is about the Mac computer and things I have learned on it and about it. This thing's that I am going to write about are mostly new things, because I was used to the pc computers so in the beginning they were all I new, and all I had ever worked with.

This Mac's are great computers, especially after you learn how to use them and understand more of what they do. Sense the classes at Sinclair mostly consist of these Mac's, you really have a first hand look at them on a regular bases; u can get to understand them very quickly. If I did not come to Sinclair I would have never learned how to completely use these wonderful computers. Before I cam to Sinclair I hade only one encounter with the Mac, and it was actually at an apple store in Cincinnati but thin I did not know what was going on with this computers I just new every thing about them looked good and I liked them.

After I learned more about the Mac I have found out that the Mac is a very versatile and helpful computer it dose things that a regular pc cannot do. When I have the chance to by my own computer I would not even think of a dell or a gateway are any of thous computers I have to have a Mac. I feel that the graphics and the programs are very well put to gather on the Mac computers and there hole layout from menus to pages, the lintier computer is just a great machine.



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