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My Superdad

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My Super Dad

Doesn’t strong as a real superhero in the comic book or has a lot of super power but with me and our family, he’s a super dad. He was a good man who inspired me to succeed in life. He was good to bring fruits, sweets and namkeen for me when I was very young. He was good to take me out on trips. During the times we were together, he would tell me good incidents in his life. He would tell me the good and bad, the difference.

He is my Hero since the day I was born. When I was little, the thought I had for him was that there is nothing which is Impossible for him. That was the definition for him. Still it is in so many ways. He taught me to see dreams, bigger ones, and also taught me to make them a reality. I was never less than a son to him. Infact he was very proud of having me and my sisters. My life has been so easy with him around.

Not worldly people, rich, or fancy, he is simple and kind. He inspired me by loving unconditionally every single day, told me a lot of story about life, and I’ve learned a lot from it. Sometimes I made a mistake, he slowly showed me, and try to help me find out what I did wrong.

Inspired by him when I was a kid. Not just my dad, he also my friend who spent his free time just for me. Understand myself more than himself, he inspired me to be forgiving and understanding of people. Wanting to be like him, I worked on improving my temper, learned to control my emotions, and shut down my judge mental attitude that I once had.

In conclusion, eventually things were good. These incidents and many more that came yet did teach me a lot. But I am happy. Happy knowing that he is always there no matter what and he always will be. The one and the only superhero for my life, My Father.



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