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My Reaction to White Privilege

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Essay Preview: My Reaction to White Privilege

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On November 6th, 2017, I had the pleasure of attending Dr. Eddie Moore, Jr.’s presentation, “Understanding White Supremacy: White Privilege & Other Forms of Oppression”. Prior to the presentation, I was quite unsure what to think about the topic. You could say I was nervous. The topic is controversial and unsettling. I am a white, middle class woman living in a society where actions of hatred and cruelty are justified and often overlooked. Despite this, I have chosen to live a life of love and acceptance toward others who are different than I.

Dr. Eddie Moore, Jr. began the presentation with a humorous, but significant first line. He shouted, “I am going to piss somebody off in this room tonight!” Immediately, I was intrigued and curious as to what he would say for the remaining hour. He began by stating his belief that society is in the same place, socially and structurally, that we were in the 1960s. He profoundly explained that we must first understand society’s original structure. We must question the social structure and learn of where we came from. By understanding where we came from, we can then work towards where we want to be. This idea has stuck with me.

I often think about the difference I desire to make in the lives of my future students. This presentation solidified a piece of my educational philosophy. Just as Dr. Eddie Moore, Jr. eloquently stated, “Let’s continue the dialogue!”, I too hope to instill this lesson in my students. The idea that something as simple as a conversation or sharing a post on Facebook about equality can make a difference in someone’s life. Big or small, change is good. Because of this presentation, I am inspired to continue the conversation and work towards changing the minds of those lost in their ways. Furthermore, I hope to teach my students the impact of their beliefs. This idea was presented in Moore’s speech. He challenged the audience to reflect on our beliefs and understand



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