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My Fears - Reptiles

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My fears

Horror movies, clowns, ghosts, monsters, there are so many things people afraid of. What I am afraid of however, are not common fears. They are reptiles and S-boards.

First is reptile, especially snakes. - Make this into a full sentence. This starts with a story from I was younger. I was a little kid that wasn’t afraid of anything. However, one day my family decided to go to the zoo and in the car, I fall asleep.  I start dreaming about things that happen in the zoo. Once I walked in to the zoo, a tiger runs toward me, but I escaped. Next, a bunch of elephant was screaming and yelling when I made eye contact on them. Finally, I walked into reptile house. That is when things got worse. About 20 frogs jumped on my body. I don’t even know why frogs were in reptile house! Suddenly, those frogs disappeared, over a hundred snakes start crawling toward me, I yelled, screamed and ran, but the snakes were faster. They crawled onto my body. I couldn’t move. Then, I saw a man right next to me and he said, “That’s okay, those snakes are not poisonous.” I heard my mom calling me, I woke up, we arrived.

When we walked in to the zoo, I stared at a tiger in front of me, luckily, he was in a cage. About afternoon, my dad decided to go to the reptile house. I was afraid, afraid of things in the dream will become true. We went in and I saw a bunch of snakes, lizards, and alligators, and the most important thing, they were not in a cage! Then, a staff told us, “It’s okay, they are safe.”, I don’t believe him so I told my dad not to go in. Therefore, this is why I am afraid of reptiles.

Second, I afraid of S-boards not just because it is dangerous, but because of the other name of those boards “snake board”. And as I said, my biggest fear is reptile especially snakes. Moreover, about five years ago, my brother bought a S-board, he practiced about five days and he wants to challenge the hill beside our house. He went on the top of the hill, get in the position, and slide down. Of course, he failed, he falls and his knee got injured by doing that. There is blood on his legs, I almost throw up by seeing that.



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